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Shanyu Lake Villa Jul 08, 2023

Shanyu Lake villa indoor whole house installation example. Installation of many styles of products, there are Great Wall board, small Great Wall, 188 molding board, 300 board, 600 board, solid wall board, metal lines, light belt and other products, in each area to show different effects, we can also provide design services.

About color deviation:All color films are professionally shot by a photographer with professional equipment and color corrected against the actual product under 5200K lighting. However, due to differences in indoor lighting, personal display screen types, and display devices, color deviations from the actual product are unavoidable during viewing. All colors are subject to the actual product.

Living room - The use of 600 boards and solid large board collocation, PVC film,the color is MH-749, LightGray,giving a feeling of simple atmosphere,the whole living room was imbued with an air of refinement.

living room with pvc wall panel

Elevator waiting area and stairwell - -the use of 600 board plus floor line, PP film, leather grain, color MH-5022, the use of gentle color, the affinity of the home will be immediately apparent.

waiting area with pvc wall panel

stairwell with wall panel

Master bedroom - The decoration style of the second floor master bedroom is simple and generous, with solid colors as the main tone. 600 plate with grille plate, casual and elegant, the use of PP film, the color is MH-5012 and MH-2007.

master bedroom with pvc wall panel

Play area - The use of oval hole 600 plate and 188 molding board up and down, light red cloth film and wood film, quiet but light red give people full of vitality, PVC film, color MH-747 and MH-621.

play area with pvc wall panel

Gym - All use grille board, wood grain color with light belt, PVC film, color is MH-642.

gym with pvc wall panel

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