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Seven Stars Gathering | Hongkong Mar 08, 2024

Seven Stars Gathering: Pioneering Eco-Village Project in Hong Kong

Seven Stars Gathering is a trailblazing transitional housing project in Hong Kong, standing out as the city's first development centered around an “Eco-Village” theme. The construction is undertaken by the joint construction firm, with the Hong Kong Lutheran Church as the property owner, and the project is expected to be operational for about 5 years after completion.

Project Completion and Settlement

Occupying approximately 16,500 square meters, the project features 14 four-story residential buildings composed of 914 modules, providing 909 individual units expected to accommodate around 2082 residents. The units vary in size, suitable for individuals or families of 1-6 people, and include accessible units, with each boasting independent bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

Sustainable Designs Inside and Out

With an eco-village design ethos, the housing maintains a portion of the land for agricultural use. The project also includes community facilities such as children's playrooms and spaces for leisure sports, aiming to foster a friendly, cooperative, and inclusive environment.

Rapid Delivery: The Three-Day Building Installation Miracle

Construction for Seven Stars Gathering commenced at the end of 2022, and by November 2023, all MiC modules had been delivered. The assembly of the modules is now complete in Hong Kong, with the project on track for phased residency by the year's end. The key to the project’s swift and efficient completion lies in the use of modular integrated construction (MiC). The speed of assembly was enhanced by the use of eco-friendly WPC wall panels, allowing for the record-breaking construction time.

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